The WB4QOJ DX Cluster is available by telnet at wb4qoj.no-ip.org port 7373 (use your call-sign for the login ID) or online via your web browser at: http://wb4qoj.no-ip.org/Node/NodeMenu.html

WB4QOJ’s DX Cluster is compatible with N3FJP, PSK Express, FLlog, FlDigi, Logger32, N1MM Logger+ many others by entering “WB4QOJ.no-ip.org” as the cluster server address and port “7373”. A command Help file is available at: http://bcdxc.org/ve7cc/ccc/CCC_Commands.htm

We welcome fellow hams to QST DX reports on the local 146.955(-) repeater. This offers encouragement for new hams as well as those that are mobile and/or without internet access.

Recent DX Spots from the Interwebs ...

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