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Worked all States Award

Click here for an up to date and comprehensive list of State QSO Parties courtesy of WA7BNM. A great way to track down and log missing states for your Worked All States (WAS) award.

Get in the Chase! The objective of the ARRL International Grid Chase is to work stations on any band (except 60 meters) in as many different Maidenhead grid squares as possible, and then upload your log data to ARRL’s Logbook of The World (LoTW).

Map your worked grid squares: WG7J's GridMapper

Past Contest Club Scores:

  • 2017 GA-QSO-Party: 61,787
  • 2017 ARRL-IARU HF: 65,890
  • 2017 ARRL-NOV-SS (SSB): 162,684
  • 2017 CQ-WW-DX: 889,937

  • 2018 ARRL-DX: 295,389
  • 2018 CQ-WPX-SSB: 584,301
  • 2018 GA-QSO-Party: 32,150
  • 2018 ARRL-JUNE-VHF: 1,666
  • 2018 ARRL-IARU HF: 124,413
  • 2018 CQ-WW-VHF: 7,653
  • 2018 WAE-SSB: 9,540
  • 2018 CQ-WW-DX: 790,198
  • 2018 ARRL-NOV-SS (SSB): 128,890
  • 2018 ARRL 10-Meter: 4,574

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Live ham radio contest results can be viewed at these online score boards:

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CQ On-line Contest Server

Below is the latest SCARS Contest Report from participating members. The contest report automatically refreshes every 60 seconds when a contest is in progress. Click on a participants call sign to view details of their recent contacts.