Silver Comet ARS meets once a month at the Paulding Chamber of Commerce. (Map) We meet on the first Tuesday at 7:00pm. The meetings usually last about 30 minutes followed by a guest speaker.

Occasionally, our monthly meeting is convened at a local restaurant. This way, we get involved supporting our community and enjoy its many benefits and tasty cuisines.

As part of our social experience, come join us for breakfast and an eyeball QSO. We meet every Thursday morning at 9:00am at various restaurants around the county. The food is always great, served to order, and plenty of it. We believe good food and good conversation makes good friendships. Bring your OM or XYL, pull up a chair, there is room for everyone. Since we frequently change locations, email us at "Info at SilverCometARS dot com" for the current breakfast location.

For more information about us:

  • email: Info at SilverCometARS dot com
  • usps: P.O.Box 1873 Hiram, GA, 30141


Silver Comet ARS joins with Paulding ARES for a weekly Thursday night NET at 7:30pm on 146.955(-)77Hz / 443.475(+)77Hz. This gives each of us the opportunity to test our local communications equipment through various formats and techniques. Meeting with new HAMs checking in from across town is a welcome perk.


  • President: John, W4TXA
  • Vice President: Steve, K4ELI
  • Secretary: Rick, KM4ZMW
  • Treasurer: Dave, K4DMF


  • Dan, W4DTO (2019)
  • Lee, WB4QOJ (2018)
  • Neal, KC4YCM (2018)
  • Sean, W4JFL (2017)
  • Steve, K4ELI (2017)