Silver Comet Amateur Radio Society (W4RSC) uses the WB4QOJ repeater 146.955 (-) 77Hz by special permission.

We have been around since 2004. Paulding County Georgia is our home. We have a new look to go with our new direction. We saw a need to offer a better solution for our community. We implemented a change. We have been moving forward ever since. We want to share what we have learned.

We educate, develop, implement, and test radio skills. We are involved with community activities. We practice our skills and test our equipment. We compete to improve our skills. We test and experiment with new devices, new methods, new ideas.

If this sounds like what you want to do, come join us. We will greet you with a hearty hand shake and offer you a place to sit among us.

Here at SCARS, we have members of all skill levels and experiences. We have newly licensed Hams and we have Hams that achieved their licenses more then 50 years ago.

Anyone joining us will be able to find some one to learn from or someone to mentor. HAMS helping HAMS. We all get by with help from the Elmers.


Amateur Radio License Testing

Our Volunteer Examiner (VE) team offers Amateur Radio License examination's on the first Thursday of every month with a few exceptions for holidays and special requests. Check the Event Calendar for current VE test session time, location, Point of contact, and Google Map link for directions. To learn more about what to bring to the exam session, click on the Amateur Radio License Testing graphic.


Goodwill towards men is the essence of amateur radio. - D.W.Nurse, W8GCD (SK)